Message from the Superintendent

Welcome back to the second semester of the 2015-16 school year and thank you for visiting our website.

A recent posting in Anchorage Daily News www.adn.com/.../rural-alaska-school-districts-see-success-efforts-boost- graduation-rates cites a 75% increase in our graduation rates since 2011. We thank the community, parents and staff for their continued and successful efforts at emphasizing the importance of education. 

Congratulations to our 1st-semester champions and their parents and coaches for their dedication and commitment to supporting extracurricular activities.

Spelling Bee Champion:  

Zeb Bergen, JNES

Cross Country:  

Region 1: North Large School     Boys’ Champions – Kotzebue Huskies

Region 1: North Small School     Boys’ Champions – Buckland Sissauni

3A Girls’ Volleyball: 

Western Conference Champions; Conference & State Sportsmanship Champions – Kotzebue Lady Huskies

1A Northwest Arctic Mixed-Six Volleyball: 

Champions – Noatak Lynx

Academic – Selawik Wolves

Sportsmanship – Kivalina Qavviks

123A Wrestling:

Northern Conference         Large School Champions – Kotzebue Huskies

Northern Conference         Small School Champions – Noatak Lynx

Best wishes to Wilfred Zibell from Noorvik, the newest and youngest member the Alaska State Board of Education. Wilfred is an aspiring leader, and we are honored to have one of our own selected to represent Alaska students. 

It’s time for our seniors to start working on their college and career transition plans. Counselors are available to support efforts with applications and scholarships. Information is on the district website  and posting will be updated regularly.   

We continue to maintain the goal of 95% attendance rate.  As of December 2015, our District-wide attendance rate is 88%. 6th grade has the highest at 92%, and 9th grade has the lowest attendance rate at 84%. We can do better! Help your child develop good habits by being on time to school every day.  

If you have any questions, or if I can be of assistance, please feel free to call me at 442-1802 or email me at aobrien@nwarctic.org.

 Dr. Annmarie O’Brien


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