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    Tuesday, February 16, 2018

    1.    Good Morning Selawik Amagut!  Happy Valentines Day!
    2.    Pledge in English
    • “Please stand for the pledge in English and after remain standing for the pledge in English”
    • BEFORE STARTING (Pause and wait for three breaths)
    1.    Pledge in Inupiaq
    2.    Birthdays  
    3.    On the menu for lunch today is…  

    w/g Fish Sticks

    Brown Rice

    Mixed Veg





    1.    Important announcement to teachers and students: Please ensure students are carrying a HALL PASS when allowed to leave the class or  VHF the Administration. Thank you!
    2.    Students…. Please only use words of encouragement with all peers, Aids, teachers and the staff of Selawik School…..…WE want ALL WOLVES TO BE KIND!


    1.    Middle school Students- Selawik is  Hosting the Northwest Arctic Borough Middle School Championships Next week….February 22-24..  We would like to enter 2 Selawik boys teams and 2 Selawik girls teams in the tournament.  This is a message to all middle school boys and girls, join basketball, get good grades and have good behavior…. We want to bring home a MS championships titles..  


    1. Students of Selawik if you have information of students moving the security cameras please see Mr. Lane or Ms. Ballard with the information and reward


    1.  Heads up to any and all staff involved with extracurricular activities.   If you are interested in fundraising please ensure you have submitted your fundraising idea to the Administration.  All funds raised for activities is required to be submitted to the office for deposit in the student activity account according to state and district policy. .  Thank you for your continued support of student activities.  


    1.  Students Cell phones can be used before school, between classes, at lunch and after school.  Please adhere to the school rules.


    1.  Students please ensure you are on time and have good behavior.   STAY off the NO GYM LIST!  The Selawik Valley Tournament is this weekend.  


    1.  This is the Selawik Valley Basketball tournament.  Visiting teams will include, Point Lay boys and girls,  Upriver Boys, Kotzebue Boys and Kiana Girls.  Good LUCK HS Basketball.  .  


    1. All seniors, including ball players, to meet in Mr. Johnson’s room directly after school TODAY.


    1.  Congratulations to all the Basketball teams that played last night.  The games were awesome!   The Selawik community is excited to watch the basketball action tonight.  


    Doors Open at 3:30pm

    •      4:00- Boys Game 4 Loser of Game 1 and Game 2
    •   6:00- Round 2 Girls Selawik vs. Noorvik
    •   8:00- Game 3 Boys Winner of Game 1 and Game 2


    Doors Open at 1:30pm

    •      2:00- Boys Game 5 Winner of Game 4 and Loser of 3
    •      4:00- Girls Round 3 Team 3 v. Team 1
    •   6:00- Game 6 Winner of Game 3 and Game 5  (Boys Championship)
    •      8:00-  TBA if needed for Boys Bracket True Second

    Have a Great Day WOLVES…… HOWLLLLLLLLL!

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