Cross Country - Go Huskies!!!



  The team getting ready for the big run at Cemetery Hill.
Cross Country Team 2013














Signed Up:  106 JNES Runners

Wow! Huskies love to run!!!




Team Comments

 We would like to express our appreciation for the community of Kotzebue for looking out for our little runners during our practice from 3:30-4:30.  Also, a Husky shout out to our parent/community volunteers this year:  Lars and Meghan and Nedwick, Jake Stoops, Calvin Schaeffer, Matt Cooper, Cathy McGuire, and Lovissa Joule.  Thank you for providing those extra set of eyes on our runners for their safety. Also a big thanks to Mandy Hill for keeping track of all our paperwork.  Our first meet is coming up next weekend.  Come on out to the race and cheer for your little Husky Pups!  We are looking forward to a great season.  Go Huskies!









The Coaches

Cathy McConnell
Ariel Sollis

Runners at the Ready
Runners Gettimg Ready








Almost to the finish!

Almost to the finish!

When in doubt...RUN!

When in doubt...RUN!