Assessment Calendar: 2016-2017 District Assessment Calendar

Assessment Descriptions: A summary of assessments given in the NWABSD.
State of Alaska ResourcesIncludes information on assessments such as the Kindergarten Developmental Profile, Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM), English Language Proficiency Assessment (ACCESS for ELLs), and National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).


NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) 

Growth Charts and Tips & Guides for grade levels Pre-K to 12th. Great resource!

Parent Resources (website)

NWEA's website provides an interactive set of resources and parent tips arranged by grade level.
MAP RIT Charts
RIT Charts show examples of the work students may be able do at various points along the NWEA RIT scale.

MAP for Primary Grades
MAP for Grades 3-10
MAP Normative Data (2015): These charts shows typical scores by grade level for students from across the United States.
Resource for connecting RIT Scores to math activities
These two documents are posted with permission of the author.
The documents are offered as supplemental activities for students to use at home. NWABSD is not affiliated with either of these external websites.