• August 2, 2019 

    The staff and administration of the Northwest Arctic Borough School District (NWABSD) are happy to welcome our students back for another fantastic year.  The first day of the school year is August 14th.  

    As we prepare for this exciting new year, there are a few changes to our meal programs that you should be aware of.  

    The NWABSD is proud to say that we will continue to provide free breakfast and lunch to all our students.

    Breakfast will be served at regular times for each site. 

    Seconds will be provided for breakfast.

    For students who arrive at school after breakfast service ends a sack breakfast will be available. (Tardy students will need to check-in with the office first before being provided with breakfast.)

    Lunch will be provided at regular times for each site.  

    A salad bar will be provided at each site.

    There will be a new addition of a Sharing Table at each site.  Students can place any unopened packaged item they do not want from their meal on the table for other students to take.   

    We are looking forward to another wonderful year together.   


    Dr. Annmarie O’Brien,


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    "We Care"

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