Adult education is the practice of teaching and educating adults. Historically, AAE prepares those adults who have not graduated from high school to take the General Equivalency Exam (GED)

    Alaska’s GED test was selected by the State Legislature as the official high school diploma equivalency exam. The test battery includes 4 separate timed tests, which are proctored under strict test security regulations. Testers must be at least 18 and not attending school. Under special circumstances a tester may test after his/her 16th birthday.

    ATCs Kotzebue Regional Alaska Adult Education (AAE) program offers:

    -GED Classes in Kotzebue (ages 16 and up)

    -GED Tutoring in the outlying communities (ages 16 and up)

    -TABE Testing, which is test administered to assess where students are at related to reading and math if they need to take the GED exam.

    -Successful completion of the new GED represents that a student has the desired academic skills necessary for job and college entry. 

    What can the Kotzebue AAE/GED Program do for me?
    •We are a program that is designed to provide testing and instruction to prepare students to develop and improve needed academic skills.  This skill development will help them in their current employment or to acquire a GED.  In addition successful completion of a GED  allows students  enter college or obtain employment.
    •We offer independent study classes to meet the individual needs of students. 
    •We offer ongoing assessments of students throughout their individual program which allows them to  demonstrate progress towards their goal. 
    How Are Students Placed in the Program?
    •The TABE provides a National Recording System for Adult Education level (NRS) that lets all of us know where to begin the process towards achieving your goals. 
    •Students will either proceed on to independent study materials or proceed on to GED Testing.
    How hard is the GED?
    •The GED is a difficult process. The test is not easy and is more difficult than the HSGQE Exam. 
    •The typical high school student attends 4320 hours from 9th to 12th grade over 4 years. 
    •Students enrolling in the Northwest Arctic Regional Adult Basic Education program can expect to spend between 3 to 12 months of consistent study and testing to successfully achieve their GED. 
    GED Practice Ready Tests

    GED Ready Practice Tests are available  to students who have scored a National Recording System (NRS) Level 4 on a TABE test, or completed their recommended online curriculum  entirely or successfully completed the specific GED level content area class.

    Students taking a GED Ready Practice Test will receive a score that will inform them of their predicted success with the Official GED Test.

    •Red indicates that a student  

        needs at minimum 12 weeks of study.

    •Yellow indicates that some study

        is needed.

    •Green indicates that a student

        is ready to proceed on to Official

        GED tests in that specific content


    Practice Tests are available to village students.
    For more information on the Kotzebue Regional AAE/GED or the application process please contact the Alaska Technical Center at 907-442-1500.