• Shungnak 

    Principal: Roger Franklin
    Roger Franklin
    Phone: (907) 437-2151 Ext. 12
    Fax: (907) 437-2177

    Welcome to Shungnak where the students, teachers, staff, and the community are all a “Family”! When you step off of the airplane and step foot in Shungnak, you become part of our family, it is a “WE” in our village.


    My Educational Vision

    Given the right instruction in any appropriate environment, all students can learn to peak of their innate ability. A successful learning environment can be achieved through high expectations, clear goals and collaboration that includes all stakeholders.



    I have twenty years of experience as a mental health counselor, school guidance counselor and administrator in all levels of education. “We” in Shungnak are committed to ensuring a quality education for all students based on their unique social, emotional, physical and intellectual characteristics and believe in an inclusive approach to having parents and our community actively involved.