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    2018-19 Schedule 

    District-wide Battles (All Live on VTC @ 4:00)     

    NOV  7  TUE    District Battle #1         3rd/4th Grade

    NOV  8  WED    District Battle #1        5th/6th Grade 

    NOV 14  TUE    District Battle #1         Middle School

    NOV 15  WED    District Battle #1        High School


    JAN 16  TUE    District Battle #2         3rd/4th Grade

    JAN 17  WED    District Battle #2        5th/6th Grade 

    JAN 23  TUE    District Battle #2         Middle School

    JAN 24  WED    District Battle #2        High School



    JAN 29  Tues.    Mock Battle              Kindergarten 

    JAN 30  Wed.   Mock Battle              1st Grade      

    FEB  1   Thurs.     Mock Battle               2nd grade



    District Final 4 Battles @ KMHS Cafeteria

    Feb 4   MON    District Battle            High School              

    Feb 4   MON    District Battle            Middle School                 

    Feb 4   MON    District Battle            5th/6th Grade        

    Feb 4   MON    District Battle            3rd/4th Grade 


    District-wide Battles (All Live on VTC @ 4:00)               

    FEB 12   TUE    District Battle            Kindergarten  

    FEB 13   WED    District Battle           1st Grade        

    FEB 14   TUE    District Battle            2nd grade 



    State-wide Battles (All on audio-conferencing @ TBA)   

    FEB 21   Thurs    State Battle               3/4th Grade  

    FEB 25   Monday   State Battle              5th/6th Grade     

    FEB 26   Tues     State Battle               Middle School

    MAR 27   WED      State Battle               High School


    State Website:      Alaska Battle of the Books 
    NWABSD Past Results