• 2019-20 B.O.B Schedule
    Mock Battles #1 (All Live on VTC @ 4:00)
    NOV  13  WED      Mock Battle         3rd/4th Grade
    NOV  14  THUR     Mock Battle         5th/6th Grade
    NOV  20  WED      Mock Battle         7th/8th Grade
    NOV  21  THUR     Mock Battle         High School
    DEC   4    WED      Mock Battle         Kindergarten
    DEC   5    THUR     Mock Battle         1st Grade
    DEC  11  WED       Mock Battle         2nd Grade
    Mock Battles #2 (All Live on VTC @ 4:00)
    JAN   8   WED      Mock Battle         3rd/4th Grade
    JAN   9   THUR     Mock Battle         5th/6th Grade
    JAN  15   WED      Mock Battle         7th/8th Grade
    JAN  16   THUR     Mock Battle         High School
    JAN  22   WED      Mock Battle         Kindergarten
    JAN  23   THUR     Mock Battle         1st Grade
    JAN  24   FRI          Mock Battle         2nd Grade
    District Championship Battles (All Live on VTC @ 4:00)
    JAN 29     WED      District Battle        3rd/4th Grade
    JAN 30     THUR     District Battle        5th/6th Grade
    FEB 5       WED      District Battle        7th/8th Grade
    FEB 6       THUR     District Battle        High School
    FEB 12     WED      District Battle        Kindergarten
    FEB 13     THUR     District Battle        1st Grade
    FEB 19     WED      District Battle        2nd grade
    District Championship Battles (Results)
    Kindergarten Division
    1st Place: JNES Tacky the Penguin
    2nd Place: Noatak Lynx
    3rd Place: Kiana Princess
    1st Grade Division
    1st Place: Noatak “Pete the Lynx” & Shungnak Eagles
    2nd Place:JNES Taclu the Penguin
    3rd Place: JNES GoKu
    2nd Grade Division
    1st Place: JNES Good Vikings
    2nd Place: Shungnak Owls
    3rd Place: Shungnak Eagles & JNES Dogman Dudes
    3rd/4th Grade Division
    1st Place: JNES Girls
    2nd Place: Noatak Battlers
    3rd Place: Noorvik Northern Sky & Ambler Kobe’s Legend
    5th/6th Division
    1st Place: JNES “Order of the Phoenix”
    2nd Place: Kiana “Girls of the Lynx Den”
    3rd Place: Noatak Lady Lynx, Shungnak Rise and Shine, & Kiana SLX Readers
    7th/8th Division
    1st Place: Noorvik NBC
    2nd Place: Kotzebue “3 Musketeers and Elijah”
    3rd Place: Kotzebue Cyber Potatoes
    HS Division
    1st Place: Kotzebue Laser Lobsters
    2nd Place: Kiana Katyaak Readers
    State-wide Battles (All on audio-conferencing @ TBA)
    FEB 11     TUE        State Registration Deadline (All Levels)
    FEB 25    TUE        State Battle            High School
    FEB 26    WED       State Battle            7th/8th Grade
    FEB 27   THUR      State Battle            5th/6th Grade
    FEB 28     FRI         State Battle            3rd/4th Grade 

    State Website:      Alaska Battle of the Books 

    NWABSD Past Results