• Recruiting Season 2022-2023

    Dear Teaching Candidate:

    Thank you for your interest in the Northwest Arctic Borough School District! The application materials have been carefully prepared with the intention of giving you information that will help as you consider working for the Northwest Arctic Borough School District.

    To be considered an active applicant, you will need to have the following on file with us:

    • Statewide application
    • Letter of introduction and resume
    • Three Letters of reference or an updated placement file
    • A copy of State of Alaska Certification OR completed application for State of Alaska Certification 
    • A copy of all your transcripts
    • A copy of your documentation verifying Highly Qualified status/subject(s)

    Once we have your completed application packet (or online application), we will review it and contact you when we have openings that best match your qualifications.  We will begin the process of getting to know you with a telephone conversation.

    We will be interviewing at the Alaska Teacher Placement (ATP) sponsored Alaska Educator’s Job Fair in Anchorage in early spring.  We will also attend several job fairs in the Lower 48 in March, April and May.  (Please visit our Job Fair page for fairs that a representative from our district will be attending.) Due to COVID 19, we will be attending job fairs virtually. Meanwhile, you may find the following sites helpful to you as you endeavor to learn more about Alaska, the certification process, and our district in particular.

    Should you have questions, you are welcome to email me at jhadley@nwarctic.org . Again, thank you for your interest in our district.


    Janice Hadley

    Director of Human Resources