• Current High School enrolled students (9th-12th) need to know the potential effects on eligibility when deciding to move from one school to another.  Below are links that will take you to the page with information, forms, and case examples to see if the student would end up losing the opportunity to play or join ASAA sanctioned activities.
    Click on the situation that pertains to your case:
      ex.  Noorvik to Kiana
      ex.  Shishmaref to Deeding
      ex.  Kivalina to Point Hope 
      ex. Kotzebue to Anchorage Christian
      ex. Noatak to Lumen Christi
      ex. Ambler to Grace Christian
      ex. Shungnak to Monroe Catholic 
      ex. Selawik to Mt. Edgecumbe
      ex. Ambler to Star of the Northwest Magnet School (Kotzebue) 
      ex. Buckland to Nenana
      ex. Kobuk to Galena
      ex. Mt. Edgecumbe to Selawik
      ex. Star of the Northwest Magnet School (Kotzebue) to Ambler
      ex. Nenana to Buckland
      ex. Galena to Kobuk