• Public School to Public School
    So you are going to a different public school somewhere, did you move with your parents or legal guardians?
    If Yes:  Great, all you have to do is fill out the Bona Fide Change of Residence form and you can play immediately.
    If No: Now a Transfer Waiver claiming hardship is needed to play or you have to sit out 1 CALENDAR YEAR.   
    ASAA Handbook Policy: 

    Section 5 - Guidelines for Consideration

    Ignorance of any rule is not a sufficient reason for waiving a rule . To assist students and member schools in deciding whether to request a waiver of the eligibility rules, the following should be considered:
    1. 1 .  If the student is a transfer student, a Transfer Form must be supplied to the Association office .

    2. 2 .  A school’s ruling that a student is ineligible because of poor citizenship is not waivable by or appealable to the Association .

    3. 3 .  Hardship Rule:

      1. a .  Upon recommendation of a member school, the Executive Director or the Appeals Board may grant eligibility to a student in certain hardship and emergency cases.

      2. b .  A waiver will NOT be granted in any case in which the asserted hardship is the sole result of knowing conduct by the student or his or her parents or guardians which had the effect of causing the hardship .

      3. c .  Hardship is an unforeseeable, unavoidable and uncorrectable act, condition or event which causes the imposition of severe and non-athletic burden upon the student and his/her family .

    4. 4 .  Hardship Waiver:
      a . A hardship waiver is to grant an opportunity to participate, not a right to make a team . It is granted to replace what was lost . A waiver will frequently give advantage in maturity, strength and skill to the person seeking it . Thus, the facts must substantiate real hardship in order to justify giving 

    Examples of Hardship:
    The student was legally removed from the home.
    The student has been moved from a foster home to a different foster home.
    Examples of Not-Hardship:
    I moved to help other family members with chores.
    I moved because home life is rough.
    I moved because I felt I was getting bullied but nothing was ever reported.
    If you believe you have cause to claim hardship, you should apply using the Transfer Rule Waiver
    If you don't get a waiver, you can't play for 1 YEAR!!!
    "Never transfer because of sports."
    Summer Break Ex: If you leave July 4, 2015, you won't play until July 4, 2016.  
    School Year Ex: If you leave September 4, 2015, you won't play until September 4, 2016.
    School Year Ex: If you leave during Christmas Break, you won't play until next year's Christmas Break.