• Public School to Boarding School
    When did you transfer? 
    Before School Year
    Article 12, Section 9, A., 16 Boarding School Transfer Rule states: The Transfer Rule shall be WAIVED for students who transfer to a boarding school at the beginning of a school year, or from a boarding school at the end of a school year.
    During School Year 
    ...Students who transfer to or from a boarding school during the school year shall be INELIGBLE for Varsity, State Qualifying and State Championship interscholastic participation the remainder of the school year. Students who live with coaches are ineligible (see Section 5, C) . At schools with no sub-varsity teams, the student may ask for a waiver to participate on the varsity team during the regular season, but would not be able to participate at either conference or state tournaments . Article 13, Waivers of Eligibility Rules states: “...A waiver may only be granted for reasons of hardship or emergency, as described in section 5 below; or because such waiver is required by Federal or State law . . .” see Boarding School Transfer Waiver.
    same Hardship definition here as Public to Public School Transfer (see Hardship Rule section). 
    End of School Year
    same as 'Before School Year'