• The following sections are from the ASAA Handbook that governs all 9th-12th students that participate in ASAA sanctioned activities.  

    NWABSD Student Handbook (Page 30)
    ARTICLE 1 Section 8 - Definitions (Page 21)
    2. “Alternative Education Program”: The Association adopts the statutory definition, in AS 14.30.365 (c) (1), of “alternative education program” as a public secondary school that provides a nontraditional education program, including the Alaska Military Youth Academy; a public vocational, remedial or theme-based program; a home school program that is accredited, as defined in this section; a charter school authorized under AS 14.03.250-14.03.290; and a statewide correspondence school that enrolls students that reside outside of the district in which the student resides and provides less than 3 hours a week of scheduled face-to-face student interactions in the same location with a teacher who is certified under AS14.20.020.
    3. “Accredited;” For purposes of determining whether a home school program is "accredited" such as to qualify as an alternative education program herein, the State Department of Education and Early Development (DEED) has identified AdvancED as the sole recognized body to accredit home school programs that have standards similar to Alaska’s standards; the Association shall regard as "accredited" those home school programs that have been accredited by AdvancED. 
    ARTICLE 2 Section 2 - Scale of Dues (Page 22)
    C. Alternative education program students who participate in a member school’s interscholastic activity program under AS 14.30.365 will be added to the school’s enrollment to determine school dues, beginning in 2014-15. 
    ARTICLE 4 - Appeal Procedure (Page 24-25) 
    Section 3 - Appeals Concerning Students in Alternative Education Programs:
    For purposes of Article 4 and appeals procedures, references to the “student’s school” or the “affected school” shall include the public school, or the private or religious school wherein an alternative education program student participates in interscholastic activity pursuant to Article 12, Section 2 (C). 


    Section 2.B - https://www.nwarctic.org/Page/3172 
    Section 2.C -  https://www.nwarctic.org/Page/3173
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