• The following sections are from the ASAA Handbook that governs all 9th-12th students that participate in ASAA sanctioned activities.  

    Section 10 - Eligibility Lists for Interscholastic Participation (page 38)

    A. A Master Eligibility List including all participants involved in interscholastic participation shall be submitted through the online Electronic Master Eligibility system provided by the Association for that purpose. This information needs to be updated each time there is an addition to the team, and submitted electronically to the ASAA office. Master Eligibility lists shall be submitted for the following:

    • All-State Art Competition
    • All-State Honor Music
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Bowling
    • Cheerleading / Dance / Drill Team / Competitive • Cross-Country Running
    • Nordic Skiing
    • Debate, Drama, Forensics
    • Football
    • 8-player Football
    • Flag Football
    • Gymnastics
    • Ice Hockey (both boys and girls)
    • Rifle
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Solo and Ensemble
    • State Student Government Conferences
    • Swimming & Diving
    • Tennis
    • Track & Field
    • Girls Volleyball and Mixed-Six Volleyball
    • World Language
    • Wrestling 

    B. The Master Eligibility List for each activity must be submitted by the school using the Electronic Eligibility Registration (EER) sys- tem before the first contest of that season. For competitions that involve only one contest, the Registration must be submitted by the school at least five (5) school days before the contest.

    Master eligibility includes students granted transfers and waiver exceptions. Once the school is notified of the exception, schools must enter the student and exception information into the EER system. Contact the ASAA office for questions regarding the EER System.

    C. Any deletions to the Electronic Eligibility Registration (EER) must be entered into the EER before a student is eligible to participate.

    D. Penalties: The following penalties assume that a school is in good standing and has not been warned or is not under other penalty at the given time. A school under warning or other penalty status may have additional penalties than those listed below.

    1) Eligible Student Left off Electronic Eligibility Registration (EER):
    a. First Offense: School receives warning.
    b. Second Offense: School receives probation.
    c. Third Offense: School receives fine of $200 minimum.
    2) Failure to Submit Electronic Eligibility Registration (EER) Prior to First Season Contest:
    a. First Offense: School receives warning and superintendent is notified.
    b. Second Offense: School receives $50 fine and superintendent is notified.
    c. Third Offense: School receives $100 fine and superintendent is notified.

    Penalties are cumulative throughout a school year.