• C. Alternative Education Programs:
    A student in grades 9-12 in an "alternative education program" as defined in Article 1, Section 8, is eligible to participate in interscholastic activities at a member public, private or religious school, as follows:

    Students enrolled in an alternative education program, may participate in interscholastic activities when such participation is sanctioned or supported by this Association; is conducted outside of the regular school curriculum; and does not involve participation in student government at a school. Such students need not be enrolled in the member public, private or religious school in which they participate in interscholastic activity, except that

    1. In order to participate in the All-State Music and Solo and Ensemble Music Festivals, such students must be enrolled in a corresponding music class at their School of Eligibility, at which they may be selected for participation through a competitive audition process, and

    2. In order to participate in All-State Art or in the World Language Declamation Festival, such students must be enrolled in a corresponding class at their School of Eligibility.

    ASAA may waive the requirement for students enrolled in alternative education programs or in the event that the individual school of eligibility does not offer Music, Art or World Language classes.

    Nothing in these bylaws precludes a school or school district from imposing additional eligibility rules upon alternative education program students that are reasonable, prudent and not in conflict with these bylaws or AS 14.30.365.

    Nothing in these Bylaws or in Association policies prohibits a member school or district from adopting a "fair share" policy as to the equitable charging of fees to alternative education program students who participate in the member school's or district's interscholastic activities.