•  E. Use of Junior High - Middle School Students:

    1.  High schools of 70 or fewer students may use 7th and 8th grade students as cheerleaders for home high school games upon approval of the principal or superintendent of the school. They may not be used at games during district, regional or state tournaments.
    2.  7th and 8th grade students are ineligible to participate in high school interscholastic competition except as specified in the following section:
    3.  8th Grade Student Participation Authority. Notwithstanding any provisions or restrictions of the Association’s Bylaws, Policies or past practices, the Board of Directors has determined that under certain conditions, students enrolled in the 8th grade in a member school district, may be granted eligibility to participate as members of a high school basketball, volleyball, mixed-six volleyball team and/or Student Government, when an annual request is submitted in writing to ASAA by the district superintendent. This request must verify that the high school described above is a member school and that there were thirty (30) or fewer students, or fifteen (15) or fewer students per gender, enrolled in grades 9-12 during the previous school year’s October student count as reported to the Department of Education and Early Development (DEED). If the current school year’s October count is lower than the previous year’s, it may substitute as the official count for purposes of this section.
    4.  Alternative education program students who participate in a member school’s interscholastic activities program under AS 14.30.365 will be added to the school’s October count to determine a school’s eligibility to use 8th grade students, beginning in 2014-15.
    5.  8th Grade Student Eligibility Guidelines:
    8th grade students participating under provisions of this bylaw must:
    a. meet the eligibility requirements imposed by the member school district,
    b. have a current medical history and physical exam form on file in the school office prior to participation (see Article 11), and
    c. participate in and fully comply with all provisions of ASAA’s “Play for Keeps” tobacco, alcohol and controlled substances (TAD) program. 
    5.  Future High School Eligibility of 8th Grade Students Participating Under These Provisions:
    Nothing in this Bylaw shall limit 8th grade students who participate under the provisions of sections 3 and 4, from enjoying the opportunity for full high school eligibility upon first entering into 9th grade. This includes but is not limited to Article 12, Section 3, Maximum Participation (eight (8) semesters or four (4) seasons of participation).
    6.  How Classification May Effect 8th Grade Student Participation:
    Under some circumstances, the forgiveness of ineligible 5th year seniors may effect a school’s classification. As a result of this forgiveness, a school’s enrollment may authorize it to request interscholastic eligibility for 8th grade students. (See Policy 3. Classification – in the Policy section of this handbook).