• Language Preservation Videos


    Newlin & Booth: The Importance of Documenting Inupiaq Knowledge 


    John Stalker: The Story of the Ilaganniq Brothers


    John Stalker: Brothers Who Killed the Giant Shrew


    John Stalker: First Missionaries


    Joe Sun: Marriage, Schooling, Senior Center


    Rueben Towkshjea: The Lazy Orphan 


    Frieda Goodwin: Ways of Preserving Native Food


    Clara Lee: The Value of a Good Woman


    String Games: 1976 Elders Conference


    Shungnak: A Village Profile (1985)


    Nora Custer: The Raven & The Seal


    Dan Snyder: Snaring Rabbits 


    Clara Lee: The Boy Who Snared Ducks


    Clara Lee: Family Starvation


    Charle Jones: Building a Qayaq