Music Activities

Reading and Playing Rhythm Notation

Music Activities from Home

  • There are plenty of ways to engage your child with music activities in the home! See below for different suggestions that will help children engage in music appreciation and practice. Check back weekly as I may update with new activity resources and ideas.

    Listen to Music Together
    - Ask your child to share a favorite song with you
    - Share a favorite song, or several, with your child (even if they call it "old music")
    - Make a playlist of music together. Play it while you do a hands-on activity, such as: coloring, solving puzzles, playing board games, cleaning the house, etc.
    - Have a dance party together
    - Listen to a new genre of music you normally don't. (IE: classical, country, rock, jazz, orchestral, electro, dubstep, etc.)


    There are plenty of videos on YouTube that will engage your child in movement to music. Please check out these links to a few channels I recommend.

    - Go Noodle:

    - Koo Koo Kangaroo:

    - Just Dance: Many videos from the Nintendo "Just Dance" games are on YouTube and we dance to a lot of these to warm-up in class. Any of the videos your student remembers from music class is searchable and playable from Youtube, plus many more!

    Practice Rhythm Notation

    If you go to my "Rhythm Videos" tab on my page, there are plenty of videos with rhythmic notation for your students to read, clap, or drum along too!

    In addition, students may practice drumming and reading rhythm notation. Below is a link for the different colored belt tests for "Bucket Drum Karate"
    Bucket Drum Tests

    Practice the "Alaska State Song"

    Our students are very familiar with singing the Alaska State Song in English. Prior to Spring Break, they were still learning how to sing it in Inupiaq. Please encourage them to listen and to practice during this time.

    Alaska State Song (Inupiaq)