• Each day students MUST DO (MD)

    1. call into or attend class

    2. complete the assigned Independent Practice (IP) problems for the lesson, put the answers in workbook.  

    3. add each lessons vocabulary and definitions to the vocabulary area in One Note.

    4. complete the FORMS assignment for each lesson - the link is found in One Note.

    Students MUST sync their 'notebooks' in order for teachers to see the work. 

    If you do not have access to internet please come to the school and access the wifi at least once a week to sync.

    Students with internet capability may choose to ALSO work in ALEKS for extra practice and understanding AFTER they complete the MUST DO work.

     3rd and 4th Q Syllabus

     Click on the link above to open the word document for the rest of the year syllabus.  Assignments are due THE WEEK of instruction.  Missing work will be entered into PowerSchool with an orange flag and scored as a zero.  Students can, and should, complete missing work as soon as they can, waiting until the end of the quarter will not be a viable solution.