• Laptop Contracts and Parent Acknowledgement for Education

    The following links go to a DocuSign Document that must be signed by the student and the parent.

    The 5th-grade student will initiate the process by clicking on the button and entering their information and their Parent/Guardian's name and email address.  K-4th Grade contracts are completed entirely by the parent.

    The 5th-grade parent will need to go to their email and click on the link sent to them by DocuSign to complete their portion of the document.

    The student, parent/guardian, school, and District Office get a copy of all documents.

    Documents included:

    1. Laptop/iPad Contract

    2. Maniilaq Presentation Opt-In

    3. COVID-19 Information Pages (CDC)

    4. Parent Acknowledgement for Education

    5. Informed Consent for COVID Antigen Testing

    6. FY22 Student-Parent Handbook Acknowledgement


    PK4 Button Link

    5-8 Button Link