• Fall 2020 eSports 
    State Website:      ASAA 
    National Website: PlayVS     YouTube Channel
    District Zoom Training:      YT Video
    Preseason begins: Monday, September 21
    Early registration deadline: Thursday, October 1
    Registration/activation deadline: Friday, October 9
    Regular season begins: Monday, October 12
    Playoffs begin: Monday, December 7
    2020 ASAA/First National Bank Alaska Playoffs/State Championships: TBD
    State Championship policies and procedures, deadlines, required forms, resources and more.
    Alaska/ASAA State Component $25 (as a stand alone course)
    Note: Coaches will be reimbursed by the District after proof of receipt and completion of the courseworkhas been submitted in the District Actitivies Coordinator. 

    Parents guide to Esports

    League of Legends: Tuesdays, 4pm (full schedule here)
    Rocket League:       Thursday, 4pm (full schedule here)
    Sanctioned Games:
    Rocket League is a sports-action game that combines soccer with driving. Students will compete in teams of three to score as many goals as they can in a five-minute match. The game’s combination of familiar objectives and fresh mechanics made it an instant hit in the gaming world.
    • Played as a 3-on-3 game with an available substitute. 
    • Not Mac compatible.  Must be played on a PC or Console (e.g. Xbox, PS4 (not PS3))
      • Note that PC will NOT be allowed to play on the District Network.  Coaches and students may use them from their homes if they wish.
    • Headset & Mouse needed 
    Demo Video (YouTube Clip)
    2019 State Championship Game (YouTube Video)
    League of Legends combines the speed and intensity of a real-time strategy game with role playing game elements, as two teams of five compete head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes. Each player has a specific role and must support one another to succeed. 
    • Played as a 5-on-5 game with an available substitute.
    • Mac compatible.  Can also be played on a PC or Console (e.g. Xbox, PS4 (not PS3))
    • Headset & Mouse needed
    2019 State Championship Game (YouTube Video)
    eSports Wifi Network:
    An afterschool (3:30-6:00 PM) network has been created specifically for eSports. It will turn on and off automatically; so don’t get worried if you don’t see it at 3:28 on gameday.
    The only people that should connect to this network are admin, coaches, and eSportsparticipants.  Do NOT connect anyone else or distribute the PW.  We will notice it and have to change the PW.  You will not want anyone else connected while you’re competing anyways. We had to stop the Bush Brawl last year because some clown was downloading 30 GB of movies last year and was taking all the juice away from the gym.
    SSID: NWABSD-eSports