• Dear Families,                                            December 7, 2020


              Whoo Hoo! Students are almost there!! There is just one more week before holiday break on Dec 18. The week before break, I will be handing out 2 weeks worth of work on December 16 for those families that may be in quarantine after break. This will allow students to be ready to start school on January 6, 2021. 

               For reading, this week we are learning about nonfiction informational text. Our story will be on "Seasons" and it includes a fun little song on their Ipads about the changing seasons. Our focus in phonics will be on the ph, sh, wh sounds in words and subject-verb agreement for grammar.

          The decodables and stories are very important for children to develop fluency skills in reading. Please continue to have your child practice their decodables nightly until they read comfortably and with expression.

             In Math, we will continue with adding to make a 10 and adding with 3 digit numbers. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call me or message me. I always available for extra tutoring sessions. Have a great week!

                                       Warmest Regards,

                                               Mrs. Cooper :-) 


    Monday:   December 7, 2020

    Learning Intention(s):

    1. We will practice writing HF & spelling words.
    2. We will review the sh, wh, ph sounds
    3. We will practice writing complete sentences.
    4. We will review and practice adding numbers three numbers.


    Success Criteria:

    1. I can spell and read the spelling and HF words.
    2. I can identify words with sh, wh, and ph sounds.
    3. I can write a complete sentence.
    4. I can add three numbers to find the sum.


    Class Lesson at 10 a.m.

    -Review blend “wh, sh, ph” sounds

    -Review spelling words

    -Write a sentence with 1 or 2 spelling words

    -Listen to Anchor Text “Seasons”

    - Math Lesson on page 261 “Add three numbers”

    -Reading Lesson on page 180 & 182 “Words with sh, wh and ph”

    Homework For Today


    • Read: Phil’s New Bat – Decodable Story video
    • Complete Reader’s Notebook Pages: 180 & 182
    • Complete Math page 261 “Add three numbers”
    • Watch ECRI Video Lesson 13 Day 1

  •         Lesson 13 Spelling Words

      1. ship              7. down      

      2. shop             8.  green

      3. which           9. open

      4. when           10. fall

      5. whip            11. grow

      6. rich              12. very


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Monday- December 7- Instructional Videos