• Terri Walker

    Terri Walker
    Office: 907-442-1804

    Terri Walker was raised in Buckland by her grandfather, Sam Hadley. She graduated from the Nunachiam Sissauni High School.  Upon completing her degree in teaching, Terri worked as the Nunachiam Sissauni School first as a teacher for 16 years and then principal for 9 years. In the last three years, she was the Director of State and Federal Programs at the District Office in Kotzebue, the Assistant Superintendent and served on the ICC education committee to develop and carry out strategies to improve the education of the Inuit people.

    This year, Terri has accepted the position as the Superintendent. She is very active with the subsistence lifestyle and feels blessed to live close to family and continue to carry on the traditions of her ancestors.  “What I stand for is that all students receive the best education by providing the skills and values they need to lead a productive and independent life in the NANA Region”.  Arriigaa Quyanaq

    Elizabeth Ferguson  

    Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson
    Secretary,  Superintendent and Board of Education
    (907) 442-1803

    Elizabeth Niiqsik Ferguson was raised in Kotzebue and graduated from the Kotzebue High School. She is currently working toward her Bachelor's degree in Social Science with a primary concentration in Political Science. Elizabeth joins the Northwest Arctic Borough School District after working for Representative John Lincoln for two years in both the Juneau and Kotzebue offices. Thanks to her grandparents, parents, and the bilingual teachers she had throughout elementary, middle, and high school, Elizabeth grew up learning and appreciating her Inupiaq language, foods, and traditions. She is excited to work for an organization like the NWABSD who values who she is as an Inupiaq woman and her culture.