Degrees and Certifications:

Paul Atkins

Phone Ext. 1951

My name is Paul Atkins and I've been a school teacher for 33 years. 21 of those years have been here at Kotzebue Middle High School, where I teach 8th Grade Math, and Social Studies. When not teaching, I enjoy being outside, hunting, fishing and hanging out with my family. As far as teaching goes, I'm a strong believer that students learn best when they have structure and a strong support system.

As you know this school year will look much different than it has in the past. I'm sure there will be challenges, and I imagine we'll all be on a learning curve for a while, but I also believe we'll be successful. We may have to go slow at times, but with student participation, parent support and communication from me we will triumph! Please call or email anytime. Also parents feel free to join in anytime!