Degrees and Certifications:

Susan Atkins

BS Secondary Education

K12 Reading Endorsement

University of Montana - Western

Phone Ext. 1958

Welcome to Language Arts my name is Susan Atkins.  I came to Kotzebue from Montana and I've been teaching here for 22 years. Students in the Language Arts classroom are engaged in a variety of activities that include reading short stories, novels, poetry and plays.  Students are expected to read and write daily and be willing to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers.  Parents are invited and encouraged to join us any time - especially if you have a favorite traditional story or talent you want to pass on to the next generation.

Even though school may look different this year with Covid 19, we WILL be learning.  We will go slow and learn together to figure everything out with our technology.  Let's all be patient with one another and support each other. More than ever before, parents and teachers will be partnering with each other as WE teach our kids. 

Middle School Rocks!!!!