Mr. John Young

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Mr. John Young


Greetings fellow traveler. Voltaire reminds us that we should all cultivate our gardens. Nietzche suggests that there is no distinction between doer and deed. Those sage words might be right, but what is certain, insofar as anything can be certain, is that John Young has worked as a middle and high school history teacher in Kiana since 2017.

The word history comes from the greek word historia, meaning "investigation." And indeed, we do much investigation in history class. At least, Mr. Young surely hopes we do. But you don't have to take my word for it. Please, do come by. People say Kiana is the best village. And they are most certainly right.

Mr. Young's hobbies include: drawing staplers, darning socks, doubting the meaningful existence of lagomorpha as a scientific family, debating the sky on the social appropriateness of barometers, determining the merits of various flavors of strawberry ice cream, and finally, divining investment advice from the diverse forms of dryer lint that append miraculously to the sleeves of Mr. Young's sweaters.