Duane Powers



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Duane Powers

Hello to all my students, families and colleagues!

Its great to be back! I am returning for my second year, although I worked for the district as an Itinerant Counselor for a few years in the early 90's as well.  At that time I had Ambler, Kobuk, Selawik and Deering.  This year I will be providing counseling services for Noorvik, Kiana and Deering Schools.

I grew up as an Air Force brat and lived around the world growing up.  That was no doubt the influence behind my future studies in cross-cultural communication and counseling.  I've worked all over the state of Alaska, from the Northwest to the Southeast to Kodiak Island and a few places in the interior.  I also worked in international schools in SE Asia and the Caribbean.

I love playing fingerstyle guitar, painting, photography, studies integrating psychology and spirituality, and, of course, traveling!  Did I mention sleeping?


I know this year will be filled with challenges due to COVID19 but we are in this together. This is a culture that is resilient and blessed with resources and wisdom; we have what we need to flourish one day at a time, my friends!

I am so proud and humbled to be welcomed to serve here again.