• Laptop Contracts and Parent Acknowledgement for Education

    The following links go to a DocuSign Document that must be signed by the student and the parent.

    The student will initiate the process by clicking on the button and entering their information and their Parent/Guardian's name and email address.

    The parent will need to go to their email and click on the link sent to them by DocuSign to complete their portion of the document.

    The student, parent/guardian, school, and District Office get a copy of all documents.

    Documents included:

    1. Laptop/iPad Contract

    2. Maniilaq Presentation Opt-In

    3. Youth Risk Behavior Survey for Fall 2021 (HS only)

    4. COVID-19 Information Pages (CDC)

    5. Parent Acknowledgement for Education

    6. Informed Consent for COVID Antigen Testing

    7. FY22 Student-Parent Handbook Acknowledgement


    PK4 Button Link

    5-8 Button Link

    9-12 Button Link