• Semester 2 begins Monday, January 4, and the first two weeks of the semester will be fully remote with no students in the building.

    ALL students will need to pick up semester 2 schedule, syllabus, call-in numbers, lunch information, class materials, and computer content loaded onto computers for your classes BEFORE we leave for winter break.

    You may come to the school to get these materials on Dec. 14, 15, 16 from 10am-12 pm and 1pm-3:30pm each day.  

    BRING your laptop so it can be updated with new materials.

    In order to limit the number of students in the building, please follow this suggested pick-up schedule: Mon., Dec. 14 students last names begining with A-H; Tues., Dec. 15 students last names begining with I – P;  Wed., Dec.16 students last names begining with Q – Z  and any student not able to come in on the first two days.

    Building entries: 6th grade at 6th grade hallway, 7th grade at 7/8th entry, grades 8-12th enter at KMHS lobby and go to separate areas to get their materials. 

    All COVID protocols will be followed.