May 10th - July 30th 

  • The Summer of Reading Program is for infants to adults who read independently, are read to,

    or read to each other from May 10 - July 30th. Prizes will be awarded at each program level.

    Every time you reach a new level, your name will be entered for the overall prize drawings.


     Complete your log here or ask your school for a copy at the end of the summer. 

  • Need reading materials?


    Book Exchanges are available at the local tribal organizations in Noorvik, Noatak, Buckland, Selawik, Shungnak, and Ambler.

    Kotzebue residents and visitors can pick up a new book at the Boys and Girls Club.


    Receive more reading materials here!


  • Overall prize drawings include bikes, Amazon Gift cards, and more.... Levels Chart

    Happy Reading!