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Ms. Nanine Johnson (Nan)

Although I am a sixth-generation Oregonian, this is not the first time that I have lived in Alaska.  I really do enjoy it.  Teaching second grade is really fun!  The students are all so "sweet" and helpful.  I am glad that I was chosen to teach here.

I retired from teaching in a town on the Southern Oregon coast.  Well, I tried to retire.  I have only failed at two things in my life: retirement and fostering kittens.  I think you can see the results of me trying retirement, and if you come to visit me you may meet a couple of my fostering failures - Monz and Pistol.

When I first started teaching, I started in second grade.  As the years went past I moved on up as high as teaching English in the middle school.  When I retired, I was happily teaching fifth grade - my favorite grade.  

If you see me out on the boardwalk, stop me and say, "Hi."  I have already met so many wonderful people here in the village, and I am hoping that when Covid is over I will meet even more.