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    Faith Jurs, Principal
    Phone 907-442-1891
    Hi! I have lived in the Arctic for over 25 years. I have done lots of different things for the NWABSD. This is my tenth year as an administrator and my third year as principal at JNES. I taught here for 15 years and I am thrilled to be here. Kotzebue is a wonderful place to live and work, sitting on the shore of Kotzebue Sound. In the fall, the salmon are jumping and we hunt caribou and moose and pick berries until our fingers are blue, in the winter we catch Sii fish through the ice and hunt ptarmigan and rabbits, in the spring, we rejoice at the return of the seal and boating season, in summer, we may get lucky and get a boat full of crab or fish. Exploring the region by boat and snow machine feeds our souls and fills our freezers. I love it here!  Our school is K-5 and we have about 300 students. Our Husky Pups are hard workers in the classroom and in the gym with the majority of our students and teachers involved in sports and also academic extra curricular activities. Kotzebue is an amazing place! Come and visit us. Come and work with us.