• Principal Rex Kilburn
     Rex Kilburn
    I am back for my fourth  year in Kiana along with my wife, Dawn. We both love the beauty of Kiana and are very blessed to have a great view of the river and mountains from our home.
    This past summer I spent my days off right in Kiana. I figured the only way to really not have summer stress was to stay home and focus on fishing, reading, and relaxing. My wife and I did try to be healthy-tried to find a time each day that we could go on a nice walk. We did try, but I must admit that we were beaten into submission by the hordes of mosquitoes that attacked us each time we ventured out. No matter the time of the day, those little pests found us and tried to dine. The weather was fantastic each day and made the decision to stay a good one. The biggest treat of the summer for my wife and me was the visit from our two sons and daughter-in-law. The three of them spent the first week of June with us and had a great time. All of our explaining and pictures finally came together into a clear view of this little spot in the Arctic called Kiana.
    I look forward to the school year and the challenges it will bring. The success of the school and the students is very dependent on a strong relationship between parents and guardians with the teachers and principal. I hope to strengthen that relationship this year and continue to build positive connections.
    Thank you, Kiana, for welcoming me back for another year.
    Rex Kilburn-Principal Kiana School