• Employment & Advising

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    The goal of the employment advising experience is to assist students in reaching their career goal and recognizing their full potential.  This may require assisting the student to overcome barriers in his/her personal life and encouraging them to increase their employability skills.  Services include:

    Job Search Training

    Career Ready 101 is designed to help students refine career goals, find job openings, complete job applications, and develop resumes. Techniques in using the telephone and the Internet to get job information is also covered.
    Job Interviewing Training
    Career Ready 101 is required of most long-term students. This class covers every aspect of interviews from first impressions to practice job interviews conducted by local employers when possible.

    Workplace Communications Training

    Career Ready 101 helps students improve skills and build self-confidence. Student’s class hours are spent learning methods of communicating effectively in various situations such as in a team, with supervisors or with difficult coworkers.

     Alaska Department of Labor WorkKeys®

    In partnership with the Alaska Department of Labor, Kotzebue Jobs Center, ATC students are eligible to participate in the WorkKeys
    ® assessment system, which is a comprehensive employability skills assessment tool designed by the American College Testing program (ACT) to help employers and individuals develop better workplace skills. WorkKeys® assessments match an individual’s employability skills with the demands of a particular occupation. Employability skills are those skills that an individual will need to be successful in the workplace. The fit between skills and the demands of the job has a direct impact on a person’s ability to gain and retain employment.

    Trainee Assistance

    ATC has administrative staff to assist individual students on issues that are training related, or of a personal nature. These issues can include but are not limited to, drug and alcohol problems, relationships, stress, time management, peer pressure, and other issues. In some cases, the need for experienced or specialized counseling will be necessary and in those cases, ATC will assist with appropriate referrals.