Adult education is the practice of teaching and educating adults. 


    The test battery includes 4 separate timed tests, which are proctored under strict test security regulations. Testers must be at least 16 and not attending school. 

    ATCs Kotzebue Regional Alaska Adult Education (AAE) program offers:

    -Adult Education Classes in Kotzebue (ages 16 and up)

    - Adult Education Tutoring in the outlying communities (ages 16 and up)

    -TABE Testing, which is a test administered to assess where students are at related to reading and math


    What can the Kotzebue Adult Education Program do for me?
    •We are a program that is designed to provide testing and instruction to prepare students to develop and improve needed academic skills.  This skill development will help them in their current employment or to acquire a high school equivalency diploma.  In addition, successful completion of a high school equivalency diploma allows students enter college or obtain employment.
    •We offer classes to meet the individual needs of students. 
    •We offer ongoing assessments of students throughout their individual program which allows them to  demonstrate progress towards their goal. 
    For more information on the Kotzebue Regional AAE/GED or the application process, please contact the Alaska Technical Center at 907-442-1500.