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    Drivers Education

    The Alaska Technical Center is committed to quality driver's education training. We have been in business in Kotzebue since 1981. We have found that a majority of employers in our region and the state require potential employees to have a valid driver's license. In an effort to meet that work force demand, ATC offers driver's education training.

    Designed to teach a new driver the skills needed to successfully pass a Class D road exam.

    Length of Program: 8 Weeks

    Format of Program: 

    • Classroom/Theory 
      • Defensive Driving - 12 Hours - taught over 2, 6-hour days
      • ALIVE@25 - 4 Hours
    • Practical Instruction - Behind the wheel training scheduled to fit student and instructor availability

    Enrollment Requirements: 

    • 14 years or older - however student cannot test unless he/she is over the age of 16 and has held permit for more than 6 months
    • Parental Consent
    • State Photo ID

    Certifications & Qualifications:

    • Class D Driving Test (if a student is over the age of 16 and has held a permit for more than 6 months)
    • Alive@25
    • Certificate of Completion

    Program Description: 

    This program is designed for novice drivers, and  provides the knowledge and skills necessary to  successfully pass a Class D road exam.  This course includes both 12 hours of theory/classroom and 8 hours of behind the wheel instruction.

    Students must also log a minimum of 32 hours of practice drive time with a licensed driver outside of scheduled class time, be 16 years of age or older, and have held their class D permit for a minimum of 6 months.

    Students that meet these requirements are eligible to take their class D road exam at the end of the program.

    Tuition Breakdown

    • Triple A Student Manual
    • Alive@25 Student Manual
    • DMV Driver’s Manual

    Modules Trained

    Basic Vehicle Controls Defensive Driving Vehicle Readiness Vision and Perception
    Rules of the Road Managing Space Risk Reducing Strategies Basic Maneuvering
    Personal Factors Influencing Operator Performance Driving at Night Alive@25 Vehicle Functions and Malfunctions, and Collision Reporting

    Total Cost: $900

    Educate and Defend Yourself

    It is a good idea to educate yourself with new technology; ABS brakes, airbags, and proper use of seat belts. Educating also means being aware of changing laws and becoming knowledgeable of current laws. In the following following, we will educate and teach you the tools to defend yourself:

    Instructional Permit Prep Training – up to 35 hours (tuition is $400.00, DMV testing fees are extra)

    ATC’s Instructional Permit training covers all the information you need to know from the Alaska Division of Motor Vehicles(DMV) manual.  In addition to covering the rules and regulations involved with driving in Alaska, the course helps you identify and understand road signs, signals, and traffic management that you may encounter on roads outside the region.  With small class sizes, group learning, and numerous practice tests to help you prepare, our permit class can help you whether you’ve never taken the DMV Written test before, or had challenges in the past.


    Hands-on Behind-the-Wheel Training– up to 35 hours (tuition is $400.00, DMV fees are extra)

    Instruction is provided in our dual controlled vehicle, one-on-one with a State-certified instructor.  

    Our behind the wheel training will teach you the necessary skills not only to drive in a rural area, but to feel confident in high-traffic urban areas as well. Our training covers defensive traffic maneuvers, teaching the student how to drive from point A to point B smoothly and efficiently while assuring that they have a space-cushion around them and an escape route at all times.

    1.      Introduction to vehicle

    2.      Starting and stopping, fast and slow

    3.      Right turns, left turns

    4.      Changing Lanes

    5.      Parallel Parking

    6.   Backing straight, around corners

    7.   Emergency Stops

    8.   Hill Starts

    9.   Three-point turns