Corey Shepherd

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Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Business Administration, Auburn University, 2009 MA in Curriculum and Instruction, Tennessee Technological University, 2014

Mr. Corey Shepherd

Dear Families and Students,
The 2022-23 school year is over! 
A lot of hard work, deep thinking, and critical learning took place in Room 222 this year. Now, the Class of 2030 moves on to Kotzebue Middle School to begin the next phase of their academic journey. I have worked hard to prepare my students for the rigor and change of pace that middle school presents to help them be prepared with the materials and mentality to succeed every day.
Absenteeism was a great barrier to further success this year. Learning loss as a result of absenteeism occurs in both the academic and social realms. Each school day presents many opportunities to engage in critical thinking, decision making, collaboration, and reflection. These are skills that are important in school, work, and family life.
There were 336 recorded afternoon absences this year, amounting to an average of 19.76 absences per student. When outlying students with only partial year attendance data (due to mid-year enrollment) are removed from the set, that average jumps to 22.29 absences per student. Chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% or more of a school year for any reason. With 172 school days, 10% is 17.2 days. 64% of the students in my class met this definition of chronic absenteeism.
There were 154 tardies recorded this year, amounting to an average of 9.06 tardies per student. Since a student arriving after 9:30 am is considered absent for the morning period, morning attendance can be an indicator of additional tardies not counted in the reported tardy total. Including these brings the average tardies per student to 10.77. When outlying students are removed from the set, the average rises to 11.07 tardies per student.
This is stark data that highlights an opportunity for improvement. As the new school year approaches, please ensure that your learners are getting to bed at a decent hour to have proper sleep habits established before the first instructional day. Please make sure your learners are awake with enough time to be dressed, bathroomed, and have breakfast before school starts at 9 am. Help them arrive on time with all required materials--backpack, homework folder [with completed homework], gym shoes, etc. 
I care deeply about the current and future success of all of my students. We have focused on some of the many skills that will help them be successful in a variety of settings, no matter what they pursue in life. It is my hope that they experience a consistently high level of expectations as they continue their academic careers.
Mr. Shepherd