Migrant Education (Title I-C)

Posted by Joy Williams on 7/24/2015

PURPOSE: The purpose of these funds are to support the education programs and help ensure that migratory children who participate in qualifying migrant activities, such as commercial and subsistence fishing, are not penalized in any manner.  
CURRENT USE OF THE MIGRANT TITLE I-C FUNDS IN NWABSD:  We currently use these funds to provide extra time for our migrant aides to work with migrant students, after school tutoring for migrant students in the Navigator Club, and a 2-week residential Summer ReadiSTAR program for migrant students needing credit recovery, extra help, and additional career & life skills.

(1) A parent and child must travel at least 20 miles from their home to do commercial or subsistence fishing (measured by actual miles traveled, not by air miles).

 (2) The participants must be away from home past midnight to count it as one trip. 

 (3) All of the trips must add up to a minimum of 7 nights/8 days away from home during the past 12 months (including winter fishing trips).

 (4) The activity must be an economic necessity for the family (providing needed food or income).

 * Another way to qualify is for a parent and child to travel at least 20 miles away from home for a fish processing job (from Kobuk to Kotzebue) or to a community in a different school district for a fish processing job (such as Nome).

 ** If the person fishing or working is 14-19 years old, he or she can qualify without a parent participating in the activity (including unenrolled students that have not graduated).

 *** A berry picking trip is eligible if it is in a different school district (such as in Shishmaref or Point Hope). The participants must be away from home past midnight to count the trip.

 Every student that is eligible receives additional educational resources (such as books) and brings additional funding to the school district to provide valuable services (such as after school tutoring).  Also, if a migrant student transfers to a different school district (such as Anchorage), they immediately qualify for free meals in the new district.

If you have any questions, or would like to see if you are eligible for this program, please contact the school secretary or call the State & Federal Programs Department at (907)-442-1817/1818