Migrant Ed Services

Posted by Scott Martin on 9/28/2020

Title 1-C Migrant Education Program

  • Do you fish, process fish, log, or farm? Title I-C is a federally funded program serving Migrant Education Students.

    Migrant Education Students are:

    • Children birth to 20 years old who have not graduated from high school.
    • They travel or move with a parent or guardian for commercial fishing, subsistence fishing, fish processing, logging, or farming. Children over 14 years of age that have also worked in one of these migrant activities may qualify on their own.
    • The move or travel is a minimum of 7 nights & 8 days over the course of a year. The days and nights do not need to be consecutive or the move/travel may be permanent.

    Please review the eligibility information.  Your family may qualify for Migrant Education Benefits.

    If you are an existing Migrant Education Family, please review the benefits, services, and resources available to your children below.

    If you have questions or need more information about the NWABSD Migrant Education Program please contact the Federal Programs Office at (907) 442-1817.

    Recruitment, Eligibility & Benefit Information:

    New eligible Migrant Education Students can be signed up or "recruited" at any time during the year.  We focus on recruiting new families in the fall, however, if you feel you may qualify, please contact us regardless of the time of year.

    Below is information about what Migrant Activities are and other criteria for eligible students and family members.  Take a minute and fill out the Migrant Education Screening Survey and return to the NWABSD Federal Programs Office or deliver to your school's Title 1-C Aide.  It will be reviewed and if we determine you may qualify, you will be contacted for more information.  The State of Alaska makes all final determinations regarding eligibility.