Zona Lie-Ito OTZ Scholarship

Zona Lie-Ito OTZ Scholarship

Deadline first Friday of April


Deadline extended to May 29, 2020


Zona Lie-Ito OTZ Scholarship Application



  1. Be current OTZ members in good standing or children of OTZ members in good standing.
  2. Be accepted for admittance at an accredited college or vocational educational program.
  3. Intend to study a telecommunications related field such as, but not limited to, engineering, accounting, business, finance, computer science, construction & project management, customer relations, or wireless/telephone/Internet/information technologies.
  4. Have a high school or general education diploma (GED).
  5. Have a high school or a post-secondary cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale.


  • Business Letter  - Compose a business letter to the scholarship committee discussing your intended field of study, career goals, background, and how this award will help you achieve your goals.
  • Resume - Your resume should include contact information, work and leadership experience, honors and awards received and extracurricular activities such as athletics, volunteer work or community service.
  • Two Letters of Recommendation - Letters of recommendation should reference your attitude, experience and potential for success.
  • Transcripts - Submit transcripts (official copy when available) from high school or post-secondary program.
  • Letter of Acceptance - Provide a copy of your acceptance letter and registered class schedule.
  • Completed Application - Complete the entire application using “N/A” for fields that are not applicable.



$1500 Full-time

$750 Part-time



Cindy Fields

907 442-1007 or