Lions Club Scholarship

Lions Club Scholarship


Deadline May 30, 2020


Lions Club Scholarship Application



All applicants must be or plan to be, enrolled in College.  (If accepted, show letter of acceptance from college.)  All applicants must maintain a 2.0+ GPA in either high school or college.  All applicants must be graduating or have graduated from Kotzebue or the immediate family must be current residents of Kotzebue.  All applicants must be, or plan to be, a student in an approved or accredited college or university.  All applicants must plan to use their education to benefit the region in some capacity.



  • A letter on family and school background, intentions on future education and possible career plans in the Kotzebue area.
  • At least three current letters of recommendations. 
  • The budget of resources and expenses MUST be completed for the school year.
  • A copy of either current high school transcript or current or last quarter/semester college transcript. 



$1500 a year



Lion's Club 907 442-3715

Nate Kotch 907 442-3951