Please Note: Students must contact the scholarship/funding organization to confirm deadlines, applications, qualification standards, requirements, durations, and amounts as this information can change without notice. This is NOT an exhaustive list of all scholarship/student opportunities available.

Letter of Intent Template (.doc download)

Letter of Intent Template (.pdf printable)

Also, to write a more targeted and specific Letter of Intent, look at these hints and ideas:

Scholarship Letter of Intent


Get Help with the FAFSA

FAFSA Fridays at UAF

  • One-on-one virtual FAFSA assistance via Zoom
  • Available until February 12th
  • Appointment required - Fill out request form

ACPE's Virtual FAFSA Wednesdays

  • Walk-in sessions where students can ask FAFSA questions and receive assistance
  • 3pm-6pm on Wednesdays
  • No appointment necessary - just hop into the Zoom meeting
  • More Information

ANICA Scholarship

Awards vary dependent upon track:

  1. $4,000 Scholarship
  2. $2,000 Scholarship
  3. $1,000 Scholarship

Study: Fields of study that would benefit the applicant and their village

Scholarship types:

  • Collegic Track
  • Vocational Track
  • Continuing Education

Instructions & Application for ANICA Scholarship

Deadline: June 15, 2023 (Please use the attached instructions for 2023)

Alaska Community Foundation

There are many scholarships on this single link... some you may qualify for, some not... check it out!

Alaska Curiosity Scholarship

(Kelley & Canterbury, LLC)

Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS)

  • Deadline: FAFSA completed by June 30th
  • Register with the ACPE Student Aid Portal to track your APS status.
  • APS eligibility is automatically filed with ACPE by NWABSD.
  • APS Webpage
  • APS Checklist
  • APS Approved Institutions
  • ACPE Student Aid Portal
  • Alaska State Department of Education

    Aqqaluk Trust Scholarship

    Deadlines: Summer Session, June 1; Fall Semester August 1!


    • NANA Shareholders or card descendants
    • 2.0 cumulative GPA
    • Completed application


    • Two (2) letters of Recommendation
    • Statement of Purpose - Explain how you intend to use your education to enhance Inupiaq Values and culture
    • Official Transcript
    • Acceptance letter from college or university
    • Class registration and class schedule


    • $3000 per semester Full-time
    • $1500 per semester Part-time


    Ambler Metals/NANA Kuuvangmiut

    Frank R Ferguson Memorial Scholarship

    Deadline: One week prior to the class start time


    • Must be a resident of the Northwest Arctic Borough


    • Official Transcript
    • Three (3) Letters of Recommendation
    • College/Technical School Registration
    • Budget Forecast
    • Acceptance Letter


    • Dependent Upon Available Funds


    • Ariana Erlich 907 442-2500 or 442-8229

    Going Merry:

    Multiple Scholarship options

    Going Merry Link

    June Nelson Memorial Scholarship (NWABSD)

    Deadline: April 5, 2023

    June Nelson Scholarship Info Page

    June Nelson Scholarship Application (NWABSD)


    1. Must be enrolled in an educational field of study
    2. 2.5 GPA or higher
    3. Graduate of Northwest Arctic Borough
    4. Must plan to be full time student at accredited college or university


    • Letter of educational or professional intent
    • Three (3) letters of recommendation from school staff
    • College or University acceptance letter




    Perrian Windhausen 442-1866 or [email protected]

    Tony Jones 442-1882 or [email protected]

    June Nelson Memorial Scholarship (STATE)

    Application Deadline April 1st, 2022


    • Essay Prompt - "Working Toward Equity and Inclusion."

    Additionally, the following information is needed:

    • Your name and school information.
    • Response to essay question - up to 750 words in length.
    • Student involvement and activities history.
    • Copy of high school transcript with cumulative GPA.
    • Acceptance letter from a business, trade, or college institution.
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation - one from a community member, and one from a teacher.
    • SAT or ACT Test Scores.

    Application Access

    PDF Application flyer

    If you have any questions or diffculties with the application, please call us at (907) 463-1660 or email [email protected].


    Kotzebue IRA Scholarship


    • Spring Semester... January 10
    • Spring Quarter... February 15
    • Summer Semester... June 1
    • Fall Semester... August 1
  • Local IRA Scholarships

    Buckland IRA Scholarship

    Kiana IRA Scholarship

    Noatak IRA Scholarship

    Selawik IRA Scholarship

    Maniilaq Scholarships

    Paaraq Application and Paaraq Policy

    James Qignak Wells Endowment Scholarship Application and Endowment Program Policy

    Maniilaq Higher Education Application

    AVT & WIOA Application

    Native Forward Scholarship Page


    This site holds multiple scholarships for students. Some are designed for certain majors, while others are available for most degrees.

    Native Forward

    Scholarship Webpage

    Teck Alaska

    • Teck Alaska Scholarship available through the Aqqaluk Trust Scholarship portal.

    Truman D. Picard

    Deadline: Friday, March 11, 2023


    • $2,500 for college students
    • $2,500 for Grad Students
    • $2,000 for graduating Senior High School students

    Please see attachment for directions on applying.

    Application & Requirements

    UA Scholar

    • Deadline: May 1, 2023 (Designated top 10% of Junior class)