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The Alaska Technical Center, a 38,000 square foot, modern technical education center, in Kotzebue, Alaska, has a rich history of providing essential vocational education and training to the local community. Established in the early 1980s, we have been instrumental in preparing students for careers in fields such as healthcare, welding, construction, and more. With a strong focus on meeting the unique needs of the Arctic region, we offer specialized programs in cold-weather construction, subsistence technology, culinary arts, process technology, and Arctic nursing to equip students with skills that are particularly relevant to this remote and challenging environment. Over the years, the Alaska Technical Center in Kotzebue has played a pivotal role in empowering individuals with the knowledge and expertise necessary to thrive in their local workforce.

While our primary mission is to offer comprehensive adult education opportunities, we also place a significant emphasis on preparing secondary students for successful careers. The center's programs are designed to equip both adults and secondary students with the practical skills necessary to thrive in the local job market, which often includes specialized trades like cold-weather construction and Arctic nursing.

What makes the Alaska Technical Center truly stand out is our commitment to addressing the challenges and opportunities specific to the Arctic environment. Our institution plays a vital role in preserving traditional ways of life while helping students gain the expertise required to excel in modern careers. By offering not only educational pathways but also strong vocational programs, our center is instrumental in empowering the people of Kotzebue, fostering self-sufficiency, and contributing to the long-term prosperity of this remote and unique community. Our multifaceted approach ensures that individuals, whether they are seeking adult education or teenagers exploring career options, have the tools and knowledge needed to build a successful future in the Arctic.

The Alaska Technical Center is owned, operated, and governed by the Northwest Arctic Borough School District, the only adult vocational training center in Alaska to be run by a K-12 school district. This relationship allows for a seamless career pathway from high school to adult education and training to employment. Come see what we have to offer.


Alaska Technical Center
"A Vocational/Technical School for Alaskans"
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