Alaska Safe Children's Act

The Alaska Safe Children's Act (also known as Erin's and Bree's Law) went into effect on June 30, 2017.

Parent/Guardian Opt Out Letter

Below are resources and information for parents or guardians on the law and the curricula that

will be used in all Northwest Arctic Borough School District Classrooms.

Second Step Child Protection Unit K-6

The Child Protection Units are taught in six weekly lessons, each containing a story and short activity. Topics for each grade include:

  • Ways to Stay Safe
  • Always Ask First Rule
  • Safe and Unsafe Touch
  • The Touching Rule
  • Practicing Staying Safe
  • Reviewing Safety Skills

Parent Resources On Keeping Kids Safe K-6

The Fourth R 7-12

The Fourth R project targets the prevention of violence through the promotion of positive, healthy relationships. Topics include:

  • Friendships/Relationships
  • Influences on Relationships
  • Early Warning Signs of Dating Violence
  • Standing Up for What is Right
  • When Friendships and Relationships End
  • Taking Responsibility for Emotions
  • Emotional Health and Well-Being

Fourth R Parent Resources (7th-12th grades)

Additional Information and Resources

Parent/Guardian Opt Out Letter

District Policy on Alaska Safe Children's Act 

From Darkness to Light (Parent Resources)

Alaska Department of Education Resources 

Northwest Arctic Region Resources 

Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Parent Information  

Dating Violence Factsheet