Student Records Request

School-to-School Record Requests

Ambler School: [email protected]
Buckland School: [email protected]
Deering School: [email protected]
Kiana School: [email protected]
Kivalina School: [email protected]<
Kobuk School: [email protected]
June Nelson Elementary (Kotzebue): [email protected]
Kotzebue Middle/High: [email protected]
Noatak School: [email protected]<
Noorvik School: [email protected]
Selawik School: [email protected]
Shungnak School: [email protected]
NWABSD Home School: [email protected]

If you do not know the school the student attended, send your request to: [email protected]


Special Education/IEP Records

Send requests to:[email protected]


Court-Ordered Record Requests

For court-ordered record requests, please scan/email [email protected] or fax them to 888-965-6526.


Students/Parent Record Requests

Transcript Request Form- To request an official or unofficial copy of your transcript

Education Records Request Form- For parents or former students to request any other educational records.


District Student Registration Packets

New Student Registration Packet- Turn these forms into your school.

In-District Transfer Student Registration Packet- If your student is transferring from one school to another within the NWABSD use this. The secretary at the school may require more forms to be filled out if any are missing from your child's record.