Kotzebue IRA

The Native Village of Kotzebue is the Federally-recognized Tribal government representing the Qikiktagrukmiut, the original inhabitants of the area of northwest Alaska surrounding modern day Kotzebue (Qikiktagruk). The Tribe, a sovereign entity, is commonly called the Kotzebue IRA due to its organization pursuant to the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act and as amended for Alaska in 1936.Membership of the Kotzebue IRA is estimated at 2500 persons, most of who belong to the original families of Qikiktagruk, although native peoples from other Tribes are members of the Kotzebue IRA.


The main goal and driving force of the Tribe is to serve our members by providing them the maximum amount of benefit possible with the resources available. A large part of the Tribes responsibility is the administration of Federal programs and services directed at Native Americans. Besides the social and service programs such as Realty, General Assistance, Child Welfare, Enrollment, and Education, efforts are being made to expand the Tribes mission through the creation of a Tribal immersion school (Nikaitchuat Ilisagviat), development of a housing program, and creating economic projects, such as a facility to manufacture foam house panels and a game meat/fish processing business.

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