Northwest Arctic Higher Education Consortium

In 1999 the Alaska State Legislature promoted a plan for integration of the academic and vocational programs currently offered through the Chukchi Campus and the Alaska Technical Center. The Northwest Arctic Higher Education Consortium was formed to address the Legislature's concerns.

The Consortium determined that the issues are critical even without the pressure from the Legislators. Rather than eliminate ATC or Chukchi, the Consortium chose to promote a collaborative working relationship and suggested that the role of the Consortium would be to provide a forum to discuss the issues and seek solutions. A vision was created for the Consortium to focus the group's efforts. Local volunteers follow an Action Plan with tasks to be completed in a grassroots manner.


The mission of the Northwest Arctic Higher Education Consortium is to promote a seamless continuum of higher education and training services that maximize life-long learning opportunities for the people of the Northwest Arctic.


- Strengthen, improve, and expand learning opportunities

- Maximize resources by advocating for educational needs

- Serve as a forum for educational opportunities

- Promote programs that pair residents with local employment opportunities

- Facilitate village access to educational programs

- Foster partnerships for educational programs